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May 29, , Elvis and Priscilla dress in their wedding clothes and have a second wedding reception in the trophy room at Graceland to accommodate family and friends who were not at the wedding. June to July , Soundtrack recording and filming for Elvis' twenty-sixth movie to be the twenty-seventh released , Speedway , co-starring Nancy Sinatra. During the production, news of Priscilla's pregnancy is announced.

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September to October , Soundtrack recording and filming for Elvis' twenty-seventh movie to be the twenty-sixth released , Stay Away, Joe. In this western-themed comedy he once again plays a character who is part Native American. It's a real departure from the virtually interchangeable plots and characters in most of the films over the past several grueling years.

He has fun with this one. November 22, Clambake is released nationally and goes to number fifteen at the box office. Elvis purchased a new grand piano for Graceland as well today. December 25 , Christmas at Graceland. February 1, , Priscilla gives birth to Lisa Marie Presley nine months to the day after her marriage to Elvis.

You'll Never Walk Alone, Kolding

It is a time of great happiness. The King's little Princess, who was often called Injun, Yisa, or Buttonhead by her father, was treated to a life of luxury at the acre estate known as Graceland in Memphis, Tennessee. Kings 'I Have A Dream' speech is one of Elvis' favourite rhetorical pieces, something he recites often over the years. June 2 , Elvis, Priscilla and their party return to Los Angeles.

After all the passengers were seated Elvis and his party were secretly seated in the first class cabin. In the coach section of the plane was a singing group called The Young Americans who were returning from entertaining the troops in Vietnam. Apparently drawn by the impromptu harmonizing of the group, Elvis suddenly stepped through the curtain from first class with a cigar between his fingers and a drink in his hand.

You'll Never Walk Alone

The shocked passengers and the young singers quickly gathered and requested autographs. Someone obviously took some photographs!

June 3 , Elvis looking tanned and fit, reports to the Binder-Howe offices on Sunset for the start of two weeks of informal rehearsals for the '68 Special. June 6 , Robert Kennedy dies after being shot in Los Angeles.

You'll never walk alone

Elvis' heartfelt reaction to yet another assassination impels Steve Binder to ask songwriter Earl Brown to compose a closing number for the '68 Comeback Special that will capture something of Elvis sentiments. Anfield is renowned for its atmosphere , especially on European nights, and it owes much of this atmosphere to the song that is played just before games kick off. Liverpool aren't the only club who use it, however, as Celtic and Borussia Dortmund also play 'You'll Never Walk Alone' before home games.

The song was not written specifically for the Reds, but there is a special reason why it is sang so religiously at Anfield. The song was composed for a broadway musical by Richard Rodgers and Oscar Hammerstei n in In the show, 'You'll Never Walk Alone' is sang to console a character after a suicide. It wasn't until when it became Liverpool's anthem.