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The perfect illustration is: A hot frying pan cools down when it is taken off the kitchen stove. Its thermal energy "heat" flows out to the cooler room air. The opposite never happens. Q : Come on. All this build up for that dumb example? A : Don't put me down. I could have snowed you with differential equations and diagrams instead of what you see everyday.

We're being practical and visual rather than going the math route, essential as that is in chemistry. The big deal is that all types of energy spread out like the energy in that hot pan does unless somehow they're hindered from doing so They don't tend to stay concentrated in a small space; they flow toward becoming dispersed if they can -- like electricity in a battery or a power line or lightning, wind from a high pressure weather system or air compressed in a tire, all heated objects, loud sounds, water or boulders that are high up on a mountain, your car's kinetic energy when you take your foot off the gas.


All these different kinds of energy spread out if there's a way they can do so. Get the picture?

The second law of thermodynamics summarizes that totally different events involving all kinds of energy have a common cause. A blowout in a tire or a car battery shorting out or slowly running down -- what could seem to be more unlike than those!

Some of Murhy's laws

Yet the reason for their occurring is the same, the tendency for concentrated energy not to stay localized, to disperse if it has a chance and isn't hindered somehow. A major goal in life is to find true BIG ideas that describe how the world works, to understand why and how things happen around us in terms of a small number of basic principles. Principles that can be tested and checked. You can't do better than the second law of thermodynamics.

And the direction of energy flow is just a tip of the iceberg of that law. Q : Iceberg? Titanic iceberg? A : Come on now. You know that's just a figure of speech to give a feeling for the size of this principle.

OK, let's get literal: Run that Titanic movie as the ship hits the iceberg. See those steel plates ripped open and the ship begin to sink. Realistic, right? Can you imagine a real happening in which the reverse occurs? A sinking ship whose steel side heals up as it comes up out of the water and floats? Too stupid to think about.


Life Obeys Murphy's Law: My life icexsydigoo.gq yours?

But why is it stupid? Because it is so improbable from your and my experience. Only a movie run backward would show that kind of unrealistic fantasy. The second law isn't some weird scientific idea. It fits with everything common happening that we know.

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Our psychological sense of time is based on the second law. It summarizes what we have seen, what we have experienced, what we think will happen. Sinking ships are like rocks rolling down a mountain -- as they sink, their potential energy due to being high above sea-bottom is diffused, spread out to the water that they push aside or, in the case of mountain rocks, diffused as they roll down to the valley and hit other rocks, give those a bit of kinetic energy, and warm them slightly by friction.

In a video that is run backward, you may have laughed at some diver who zooms up from the water to a ten-meter diving board, but you're never fooled that the video is going forward, i. Alexa Actionable Analytics for the Web. AmazonGlobal Ship Orders Internationally. Amazon Inspire Digital Educational Resources. Amazon Rapids Fun stories for kids on the go.

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We as human beings are creatures of habit who look for the quickest possible path towards the destination we are aiming for. We therefore often jump to quick conclusions and assume that there is always a straightforward solution to our problems. In some instances this might be true, however in most cases we quickly underestimate what is required to overcome the obstacles and challenges that confront us, and as a result we wilt under the pressure of false expectations, and give-up hope before hope ever had a chance to force us to think critically and creatively about the problems that confront our lives.

If you always think that Nothing Ever Has a Straightforward Solution , then you will always discover creative pathways to the toughest challenges in your life. Life is, in fact, a journey of unexpected twists, of continuous problems and obstacles that divert us off the beaten track.

The simple act of smiling will allow us to get through these challenges with a greater clarity of thought, and enable us to rise through the emotional setbacks that overwhelm the many who never see past the fog that blocks their view. You understand that life is meant to test your willpower, to test your resolve and capacity to think under incredible amounts of emotional pressure. As a result, you smile with a sparkle in your eye, fully knowing that you are ready for the worst that is yet to come.

Always several things will go wrong at the same and worst possible time. It is said that the only certainties of life are death and taxes. Additionally, you can add to that list that life will always throw you a curve-ball when you least expect it — collapsing the domino tower you were building so meticulously for so many years. All that work for nothing, and now you must begin once again and build the tower from the bottom up. To avoid these circumstances you must identify possible scenarios, minimize the possible side-effects and develop contingency plans if the worst case scenarios were to come to fruition today.

The moment we think of a brilliant new idea that will finally resolve a problem is the moment we become too emotionally involved within the circumstances and therefore fail to critically examine the solution from a variety of angles and perspectives. Being unable to fully grasp and understand the effects that a solution can have long-term, short-term, on us, the world and on our relationship with others, can, in fact, cause further unforeseeable problems.

They are just dreams, resting within our heads making us feel all wonderful, cozy and tingly inside.

Human behavior and traffic safety. All of sudden it moves from one flash back to another flash back…Sometimes I read the episode twice to understand the story line… The Way the acknowledgements and prologue written is good How will you soar up into the sky and take possession of this object? The more thought-provoking the questions, the greater their capacity to expand our understanding of the situation, and the more likely we are to predict the potential time and cost of the tasks that we undertake throughout our day. He started writing at the age of three.

Life Obeys Murphys Law

Ideally, a solution must feel good, be good for us, good for others and serve the greater good. It is said that time contracts and expands in accordance with our expectations x 2. What this means is that however long you expect something to take, it will often take at least twice as long to complete than you initially expected. This is due to a simple lack of experience and forward thinking that fails to take into account all the possible interconnecting pieces that culminate to form the end result that you are wanting to bring to fruition. The solution lies in asking more effective questions, chunking down the task that you need to complete into distinctively small components, and preparing contingency plans for possible setbacks that may confront you along your journey.